Alan Campbell, B2B CFO and Entrepreneur

“I met Gary over 20 years ago, after a botched attempt to sell my company through a mid-sized firm out of New York. Gary helped us pick up the pieces, located a larger synergistic buyer and successfully guided us through the process — leading to the successful sale of our company.

Subsequently five years later, when a buyer approached another company I had helped found, I readily turned to Gary for assistance.  Again, Gary was instrumental in negotiating and closing the deal.

Gary repeatedly demonstrated his patience, professionalism and capabilities in not only bringing the buyer and sellers together, but also bringing the sometime conflicting goals of four selling partners together. I am totally confident in Gary’s abilities, professionalism and integrity. I have readily recommended Gary to clients in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”


 Richard Lyons, Attorney with Wendel Rosen (Oakland’s largest law firm)

“I’ve worked with Gary on at least six M&A transactions where he has been a trusted advisor to company founders. He knows the market and how to present companies to get the best price. Having represented both sellers and buyers, he understands the intricacies of the M&A process and how to get deals done.”



Tom M., Private Business Owner

“I began my business ‘in the garage’ with very limited capital; as it grew over the years, I became increasingly uncomfortable that most of my net worth was directly tied up in the company. My assets outside of the company were also tied up to collateralize various business financial covenants.

I met with Gary to strategize a path toward greater financial security and independence from the variable business climate. Gary provides sound guidance with development of the business toward a value target, and Gary then found a buyer for the company at the value target.

After the sale, Gary also provided excellent contracts for portfolio investment. I recommend Gary to others that are feeling the financial burden of their business, and looking for an intelligent way out.


Brian Lewis, Wealth Manager with Morgan Stanley

“In the last 12 years, I have worked with Gary on three Exit Plans that involved M&A transactions with a total of over $22 million in value. He has intimate knowledge of the selling process and has developed a number of strategies to help business owners maximize the value of their business. I continue to refer Gary to colleagues and clients.”