Public Companies

We work with public companies to provide capital for Private Investment in Public Entities (PIPE’s) and Public to Private (PTP) transactions:

  • PIPE’s are popular for many reasons. There are less regulatory issues compared to secondary offerings plus there is no need for a public road show; and that saves both time and money. Since there are only one or a few investors, the issuer can create a long-term working relationship with a financially strong synergistic partner. PIPE’s are also ideal for companies with a relatively small
    public float.
  • PTP transactions are advantageous in that they remove the company from the public shareholder, media and SEC scrutiny as well the expense of maintaining public status.

Both strategies may enhance your company’s financial position, allow you to focus on long-term strategies instead of day-to-day problems, expand your company through organic strategic acquisitions, add shareholder value, and generally take your company to the next level of development.

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