Our Edge

Many business owners think that an business intermediary or broker is only utilized to facilitate introductions to potential buyers or sellers.

We offer much more than unqualified introductions; we add value throughout the process and can even streamline the purchase or sale of a business.

Our work begins before the first prospect is contacted. This is where we help define the client’s objectives and the relevant options that may be available. Once this is completed, we are entrusted with creating a strategy that will ultimately meet these requirements. We understand that each client is different and any strategy needs to be adapted to the client’s specific needs.

We are a skilled guide who is familiar with the marketplace and key players and will provide critical guidance on several key aspects of the process. We have deep sector knowledge in a wide range of industries which is critical in positioning the client company within its market and the competitive landscape.

As a qualified advisor we are able to deliver not just meetings but the right meetings, using a network of people who trust us to show them appropriate, quality opportunities. We have an established reputation for representing good companies in a fair and balanced way which will streamline the overall process.

Most brokers think that once the marketing process is complete and term sheets are negotiated, that their work is completed. We are different. We work with the company’s lawyers and accountants through due diligence and the negotiation of all of the agreements. We take the lead in this negotiation and, to a degree, can insulate management and the board of directors from difficult discussions. We are helpful in presenting alternatives to advisors, management and the board. Since we are very experienced in this phase of the process, our involvement will increase the probability of a successful closing.

We are a trusted advisor who is relationship oriented and offers counsel across a wide range of issues related to our field of expertise.

Armed with this knowledge and experience, we give you an edge in the market.