Bio – Gary T. Brooks, President

I have spent all of my 33 years in business, advising business owners. After an initial 8 years in wealth management and estate planning, I have spent the past 25 years in investment banking and exit planning, representing literally hundreds of owners of midsized companies.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1978, I joined the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. There I specialized in wealth management and estate planning for business owners, gaining a great deal of experience helping clients expand their businesses and plan their exit.

In 1986, I joined Acquisition Management and Brokerage, one of the first M&A (merger and acquisition) firms that focused on the middle market. The mission of Acquisition Management was to offer our clients the sophisticated level of M&A service that large investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs offered their larger business clients. In 1991, I founded my own company, Exit Plan Pros. The mission of Exit Plan Pros was—and still is today—to provide sophisticated investment banking advisory services to middle market companies.

During my decades of experience with all facets of investment banking, I have completed over 100 transactions. I have been directly involved in business valuations, mergers, acquisitions, family and management buyouts, workouts, and turnarounds. I have successfully raised capital for growing company clients. I have participated in all phases of selling a company, including packaging, marketing, negotiating, and structuring these kinds of transactions.

Having guided so many business owners through the selling process, I realized that the majority of my clients did not have a formal strategic growth or succession plan, which in many cases limited their options. In answer to this widespread dilemma, I decided to direct my expertise towards helping my clients create robust, tailor-made Exit Plans to ensure the smoothest and most profitable outcome when they exited their business. This was the beginning of Exit Plan Pros, and since that time, Exit Planning has become an important part of my business advisory practice.

Many of the Exit Planning strategies and techniques I utilize are ones I developed from scratch over the last 33 years. I offer unique solutions to issues that every business owner faces. I work closely with only a small number of clients and their advisors at any one time, to help my clients achieve their business and personal financial objectives.

The best part of the Exit Planning business is that it gives me the opportunity to work with clients who are not ready to sell at this time, but who understand the importance of growing their company and positioning it for maximum value when the time or opportunity arises to move on to the next phase in their lives.

Are you aware that 50% of businesses don’t even have a succession plan? Yet a well-developed and well-executed Exit Plan can mean the difference between “just getting by” and living the lifestyle you desire to live after you exit your business.